Jed Pascoe

Awesome caricatures 

(and a whole lot more!)

ALL your guests.

One huge drawing.

The Big Board.


The essential Wedding Big Board is my trademark service.

Also available for conferences, exhibitions and parties, of course!

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A3 caricatures

Unbelievably fast.

Essential party fun.

17 seconds.

Is this the World's fastest caricaturist? 

Watch me draw a caricature in under a minute.

No speeded up video or editing, this is how fast I work. 


I'm generally acknowledged to be just about the fastest caricaturist in Europe.

Some say, the fastest in the world

 Only someone as fast as I am can draw ALL your wedding guests on one Big Board. 

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Whether you want  just a couple of hours or a Big Board, I have a price and package that will make your day totally unique.


Pull more visitors to your stand by giving away free caricatures with your company details printed on the drawing paper! 

Go digital for added impact!


Fun Days

2 or 3 hour sets, or all day- anywhere, any time.


Where else do I work? Product launches, away days, birthdays... anywhere there's a crowd.

Walkabout or static.

How fast? Watch video below!

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 People often call me a Caricature.

Sorry- that's incorrect!

A caricature is the drawing or painting.

The person who does it is a


You wouldn't call a plumber a 'Leak', now, would you? 


Oh, and it's nothing to do with 'character' (as in 'Characterture'. That word doesn't exist! The first notable artist who distorted facial features for comic effect was an Italian named 'Cariccio'. 

So the pundits nicked his name and the Caricature was born!


(Alternatively, characature, characterture, charicature, characaturist, characterturist, charicaturist, characterist, caracature, caracaturist, charicterturist, caracaturist, characatatrist, whatever... no-one knows how to spell it properly!)


Traditional scissor-cut 'shadow portraits' cut in seconds!

Great for weddings, parties, exhibitions.


Only from life. No photos, sorry.

The Go-To Guy for team caricatures


Presentation pieces

from photos

Single heads, whole bodies and settings, multi-head compositions, colour or black and white.


Prices from £50 per head depending on detail.

Supplied either as prints or jpegs.

Prints and postage extra.


Send photos to:


Remember that I can only work with the photos you give me- so if they don't look like the person, neither will the caricature!

Specialist in Military and Naval caricatures
Find out more about presentation caricatures-
01767 682882 or email:


Discussion-driven infomatics.

Learnings capture.

And all that.

Sometimes called 'scribing', this is live cartooning, capturing the conversations and content of meetings, training events, and presentations. 


Some larger, time-sensitive events may require more than one artist.


Leave it all to me.


Call 01767 682882 or e-mail

Drawn live at a conference in Malaga for Coca-Cola.


(basically, all the other stuff I do)

Let's let the artwork do the talking.

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